Elusive Goal

Currently the only elusive goal in my life is obtaining a teaching position. So I really should not complaing but things are not looking to promising at the moment. I have achieved my goals that I set several years ago. They included to complete my Bachelors Degree and begin masters program. Obtaining a teaching position was on that list as well.

It is becoming extremely frustrating. There are just not positions in this field. When a position is posted many people apply. I have started to think of changing my field so that I have more options.

Hitting the Jackpot$$$$$

Who does not dream of this? I do not need to hit the entire jackpot, I am not greedy. I just would like to be a little more than comfortable. I would pay off bills, the house, and the cars. I would buy each of my daughters a car and a house. Of course a vaction house and maybe a boat. My family would be taken care of as well. Most importantly I would get to visit the on place I want to visit….Hawaii and then some.

Balancing Work & Family

Balancing work and family is a struggle at times. Balancing work, school and family is even a bigger struggle. Since going back to school five years ago, I personnally experiencedt his juggling act that I was not used to. I went from a stay at home mom, to working at the school in my district, to working full time.On top of working full time I took courses at night and on the weekends. Adjustments needed to be made. Luckily my daughters were older, so they took on more responsibilities around the house. I did miss some functions but made sure to attend others. I also made sure we ate together as often as possible. I am still balancing work, school and family but it seems to have improved. I make sure to incorporate family time and time away. Life is always going to need some balance in it.

One place I always wanted to visit

The one place I want to visit is Hawaii! It is beautiful with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The palmtrees and the weather are so inviting. I wish it was not so far and expensive to get to. I would love to get off a plane, be greeted by the natives with a lei placed over my head. Then attend a luau. I would want to spend atleast two weeks there visiting the mainland and go on other excursions to explore the islands. There is so much to see including sacred lands.

A Memorable Teacher

My most memorable teacher was my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Spahn. I had just moved into this elementary school and was nervous. She made me feel welcome. I thought she was very nice. I remember she had long sandy blonde hair down to her waist and she drove a silver corvette!!! Everyone thought she was “cool”. She made an impression on me and others. Not that I remember much about the 5th grade and what I learned in class. I do remember making many friends and enjoying this elementary school. My best friend today is a girl from this class!

A book I would love to write..

would be on life in general. There are so many ups and downs. I am always saying “I can’t make this stuff up” when I am telling a story. Between my immediate family and those closest around me, I could write a soap opera!! Life is definately not boring. Don’t get me wrong of course there are plenty of happy times with friends and family but then comes with it the sicknesses, the deaths, the hurricane and its effect on our loved ones. So many things to attend to that you need to make sure you stay on top of because I have found not everyone does their job properly. Not to be cynical but life is tough. But the one thing i alwasy tell my girls and boyfriend is to be optimistic and life is what you make it – so enjoy yourself and make the best of what is given to you.

Memoir Reading – Let me hear your voice

My favorite part of the book was first when AnnMarie was out with her mother and and whe started smiling and laughing to herself and Catherine could not figure out why. Catherine then realized Marc was walking towards them so she put AnnMarie down and watched her run to her father!! Very exciting for them.

What I found interesting and surprising was that Michel had developed signs of autism. How shocking to now have to go through this again. The odds are so small for this to happen and this family had gone through so much to now have to do it all over again. Its great that they are in the position to be able to have therapists come to the house and work with him and that Catherine is a stay at home mom. I could not even imagine having to go through this once, never mind twice.

It is wonderful what Catherine accomplished, doing all the research, going to several doctors and trying the different therapies to help her children. I give her alot of credit in managing these situations. It had to be extremely stressful on the family.

If I was a character…

If I was a character from a movie/tv show, I would be Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU because she is a detective in the special victims unit and is always helping women and young girls. She makes sure they are safe and tries to see that they do the right thing against their abuser and set an example for other females. This is important in todays society for women and especially young girls who may not have the courage to defend themselves in an abusive relationship. This correlates to being a FACS educator in that we discuss self esteem and relationships. As an educator we want to emphasize the importance of healthy relationships and how to possess positive self esteem. I feel that the character Olivia plays does the same thing.

My Passions

Currently my passion is looking for a job, subbing as much as I can in the meantime and my school work so that I complete the Masters program. This is all I have been doing. My main passion is spending time with family and friends. With life going by so quickly and everyone so busy in their personal lives, we sometimes forget what is most important – getting together. I try to have weekly meals and get togethers with family so that we can catch up on things and spend quality time together. Friends also schedule get togethers so that too much time does not pass between visits. I

If I wasn’t a teacher

If I wasn’t a teacher, I would probably still be a paralegal. I was a paralegal for many years working for attorneys who practiced in real estate. It is very interesting dealing with lenders, title companies and all parties involved. While working I attended school in the evenings and weekends until I had to leave to student teach. If I wasn’t a paralegal I’d probably be doing something on my own. Before becoming a paralegal I had my own business. If I do not get a teaching position soon I may have to go back to either of those.